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Macy's Flower Show

Spring has sprung in New York City

Macy's Flower Show NYC
Macy's Flower Show NYC

The Macy's Flower Show is a vibrant and colorful event that transforms Macy's Herald Square into a floral extravaganza. This annual show typically features intricately designed floral arrangements, unique themes that change each year, and a variety of workshops and events. The show offers an immersive experience with lush landscapes and stunning gardens, showcasing a wide array of flowers and plants. It's a celebration of spring, bringing a burst of color and creativity to the heart of New York City. 

Dates are subject to change for the 2024 season and have not yet been announced-- visit Macy's online for up to date information.

Spring 2024

151 West 34th Street, New York 10001

Empire Hotel Rooftop Lounge New York City

The Empire Hotel Rooftop Bar

Dine in the Sky at The Empire Rooftop and enjoy sweeping views of NYC as you sip cocktails under the iconic Empire Hotel neon sign. With east and west terraces, the expansive outdoor space never runs out. 

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