Cookie Policy

Information Collected

We collect a variety of Personal Data from you through the Empire Hotel Services. Some Personal Data is collected automatically when you use or browse the Services, while other data is only collected when you provide it to us directly.

As a result, you have choices about the data we collect. When you are asked to provide data, you may decline; but if you choose not to provide data that is necessary to provide a service or feature, you may not be able to use that service or feature. For example, you may choose to create a Member account when you reserve a room through our Services, which creates a smoother future booking process but requires submitting additional information. You may also choose to submit social media content through our Services, in which case we collect certain information associated with that social media account such as account name, the shared content, and any comments or interactions with the shared content.


The Empire Hotel collects the following types of Personal Data through the Services:


When you download and/or use an App or browse a Website, we collect information about your device and the network you use to access the Services, as well as information about your use of the Services. This includes without limitation software and hardware attributes of the device used, unique device ID information (such as unique International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) numbers for smartphones), regional and language settings, network provider, and IP address, as well as Service performance data, dates and times that you use the Services, the amount of time spent on specific pages or in specific channels, and other similar usage information.


We may also collect location information through certain Services, depending on the Services you use and/or the permissions you provide. “Precise” location information may be derived from sources including without limitation your device’s GPS and location systems, as well as nearby wi-fi networks and cell phone towers. Imprecise location information may include without limitation your IP address or other data that may identify you as being located in a specific region, city, or postal code. You can manage the Services’ ability to track your location by allowing or disallowing that access for a given Service in your computer or mobile device’s settings.


We collect Personal Data from you when you provide it to us, which may include, without limitation, to provide you with information or to provide you with services that you request (including bookings), to carry out a transaction or reservation, to create a Member account, to respond to an inquiry, when you submit social media content to us or interact with a Social Media Channel, when you respond to a customer survey, or when you apply for a position with us. Depending on the Services used or the products or information requested, the information collected from you may include without limitation your name, telephone number, email address, account information, street address, billing and payment information, region, travel plans, travel status, order or service history, hotel guest stay preferences, use of hotel amenities, information that you provide about children who accompany you, social media account information (such as account or handle, number of followers, social media profile), loyalty or rewards program numbers, or (if you’re applying for a position with us) employment-related information, as well as any additional information that you choose to enter into text fields, “Contact Us” forms, RFP forms, or that you provide to our customer service representatives.


We also collect or receive Personal Data from third parties who submit information on your behalf, vendors and service providers that we have engaged to provide services to us or to you (“Providers”), as well as from Providers that provide web analytics and usage information to us (such as Google Analytics). For example, if you reserve a room through a channel manager, travel agency, booking service (such as SynXis), or event or conference promoter, we collect certain information from that third party as required to effectuate and authenticate the reservation. If you interact with a Social Media Channel or submit social media content to us, we receive certain data from the applicable social media platform and we may collect certain information from the social media account you use to interact with us, including the name associated with the account, the account handle, recent activity, the content of any posts in which we are tagged, and other information that may be contained on your social media profile to allow us to respond to the posts and understand and engage with our audience. Depending on the type of information and the context in which it is used, the foregoing information may be associated with data we collect from you directly, have obtained from other sources, or have previously retained within a given user account.

Finally, we may collect data that is not Personal Data. We may use and distribute any such data at our discretion unless it is combined with Personal Data, in which case we will treat it as Personal Data subject to this Privacy Policy.